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2023 PHA Show Calendar 
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1. To be eligible for a year-end award, each horse/rider must have competed in that approved class, Mandatory or optional, in at least 60% of the shows held during the 2022 season,   AND

2. In order to qualify for year-end awards,  each horse/rider must show at a PHA Benefit Show, OR make a minimum sponsorship of $50 to a PHA Benefit Show OR work at a benefit show (work can be performed by a family member or designee).

 Always hit REFRESH on your browser to see the latest information on the shows

Always verify that a show is being held and not rain/heat dated before traveling

  • shows are PAC approved

  • classes eligible for PtHAC SOAR points (see for more information)

2023 Membership Form  

Novice Statement Form ~ If you plan on showing NOVICE horse or rider, this form must be on file with the points secretary before the end of the year for your points are counted

2023 Reserved Numbers Form ~ For $10/$15 Reserve your favorite number for the Show Season.  Monies go towards high point awards (benefit shows) & year end awards.

2023 Payment Release Form

Knowledge of the rules of any sport is required of each participant and exhibitors at horse shows must adhere to this responsibility. Exhibitors must be fully aware of all rules and class specifications in the division or divisions in which he or she participates.


2023 Show Schedule 

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Join for 2023 now - membership form  
mail to Points Secretary.

Points counts from the time the Points Secretary receives the form so make sure you join ahead of your show.

Feb 1 to April 1, 2023
Individual - $20.00
Family - $25.00
Each Horse - $ 1.00

AFTER to April 1, 2023
Individual - $25.00
Family - $30.00
Each Horse - $ 2.00

Novice Form



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