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It is the intent of PHA....

To help create a wholesome, family atmosphere in the great sport of Horse Showing; and for each member to exhibit his or her horse or pony in a sportsmanlike manner. 

Further, it is our intent that the judge give his fair, honest and unbiased opinion to the best of that ability for which he has been hired and that his opinion and decision be accepted by all in good faith.

PHA will neither allow, nor condone the abuse of horses by drugging, letting of blood, soring or any other inhumane tactic, and encourage that anyone using these tactics, or any unfair tactic, be reported to a show official or an official of PHA as quickly as possible.

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PHA Member will strive to further the pledged intent of PHA by his efforts to help create a wholesome, family atmosphere in the sport of horse showing by his behavior both in and out of the show ring.

PHA Member will exhibit his horse or pony in a sportsmanlike manner; respecting his fellow exhibitors, and accepting the opinion and decision of the judge in good faith and good spirit.

PHA Member will not drug, bleed, sore, beat or abuse any animal, and will report abuse wherever encountered, especially if encountered at a PHA sanctioned function.

PHA Member will treat show officials with respect and cooperation.

PHA Member will deal with his fellow horsemen fairly and honestly in all situations, in or out of the show ring.

PHA Member will conduct himself in such a manner that should our youth choose to follow his example, we will not be ashamed of their actions.

PHA Member will encourage the novice exhibitor and provide support for their efforts to learn, rather than belittling their efforts or taking advantage of their inexperience.

PHA Member will respect the rights of others, including their rights to their own opinions.

PHA Member will not use his affiliation with PHA to gain unfair advantage.

PHA Member will not knowingly or deliberately bring disgrace or dishonor on the Association or his fellow members.


Knowledge of the rules of any sport is required of each participant and exhibitors at horse shows must adhere to this responsibility. Exhibitors must be fully aware of all rules and class specifications in the division or divisions in which he or she participates.


Join for 2023 now - membership form  
mail to Points Secretary.

Points counts from the time the Points Secretary receives the form so make sure you join ahead of your show.

Feb 1 to April 1, 2023
Individual - $20.00
Family - $25.00
Each Horse - $ 1.00

AFTER to April 1, 2023
Individual - $25.00
Family - $30.00
Each Horse - $ 2.00

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